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Milongas in Buenos Aires

For my latest piece on Buenos Aires for BBC Travel, I spent time a bit of time exploring the city’s underground tango milonga scene. A milonga (also often called a práctica) is any place where people gather to dance tango. As I detail in the article, the and the city’s collective milonga scene comprises this nocturnal world where the tango lives, thrives and evolves. BBC Travel article: The tango Buenos Aires tourists never see Below I’ve included some photos I took when […]

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Tango and Salsa in Buenos Aires

From the packed and thumping boliches (nightclubs) to the sultry tango, dance is an important facet of Argentine culture. While I didn’t grow up in tutus or performing in dance recitals, I do love to dance, and living in Buenos Aires has given me the opportunity to indulge that and attempt to actually add some technique to my grooving. Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango, and while it is the obvious choice for shows and lessons here, it’s salsa […]

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Hello, Buenos Aires!

It’s been a bit since I’ve authored a TKGO post, but my move to Buenos Aires and consequent settling-in time provided the perfect opportunity for Tara, the arctic adventurer, to bring you her awesome TKGO Antarctica installment. Now that I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and closer to Antarctica than ever, I might just have to figure out how to take a jaunt down there. At the very least I’ll make it to Patagonia! I’ve been in Buenos Aires for about […]

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