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New York, I Love You

New York City. How could it get any better than this? Two videos hit YouTube this week, and both serve to remind the 19.4 million people who live here why they don’t leave. How spectacular is a city that can have such schizophrenic tastes? Discussing highbrow publications in one moment, and in the next, riding the subway without pants? See the magic yourself in these two quickies: They say you have to live here for 10 years before you can […]

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Transportation 101: Navigating a New City

There’s nothing more exciting than setting out in a new city: the local rhythm, foreign menus, new friends and a network of trains and buses. The first walks and subway rides, however, inevitably bring on a feeling of being lost and hopeless.     To help you develop that rewarding sense of direction that makes you feel at home anywhere, we’ve compiled a list of some handy tricks we’ve learned in the past couple of years in Barcelona, Buenos Aires […]

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