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Backpacking Across South America? Here’s Your 3-Week Itinerary

Three friends are planning separate trips to South America in 2014 (one is World Cup-related!) and asked me for suggested itineraries after my six months on the continent in 2008. To help them out, I list some suggested sights, a list of bus times as I know them (really hard to find!), and a few other tips and tricks for spending a month in South America.

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Salt Hotels and Lithium in Bolivia

After a five-month study abroad stint in Buenos Aires, my friend Ashley and I packed one school-sized backpack each and set off on a three-week tour of northern Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil in December, 2008. This excursion to the salt flats was part of that South American route. The Bolivian salt flat, also known as Salar de Uyuni, extends for 4,086 sq. miles, making it the world’s largest. In a large pool under the salt, over 50 percent of […]

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