Cocina Sunae in Buenos Aires

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November 24, 2011 11:46 am

The final photo-centric supplement to my BBC Travel story on Buenos Aires closed-door restaurants is here, and the featured puerta cerrada is Cocina Sunae. South Asian food, especially Thai food, is hard to come by in this city. I went from consuming Thai food  probably an average of once a week during college (BYO Thai places! How college) to going months without it in Buenos Aires, so I was more than looking forward to this dinner.

Beyond the food, I love that Cocina Sunae attracts a sizable Argentine clientele. I know Chef Sunae is active in reaching out to Argentines with her cooking, such as appearing on local cooking shows, and the interest is there. It gives me hope for the expanding porteño palate and increasing diversity of the city’s restaurant options. We can hold on to our juicy steaks and still enjoy a good curry, I say.

Below are photos from the four-course meal. Two entrees are featured and Cocina Sunae always offers two. My dinner companions and I ordered differently, hence the pork and shrimp dishes. The descriptions for all the dishes below (with the exception of the green tea) are from Cocina Sunae’s menu for the weekend.

Thai fish cakes seasoned with lemongrass and kaffir lime, served with a sweet chili sauce.


Spicy minced chicken salad tossed with fresh mint leaves, cilantro and citric dressing, served with fresh bib lettuce.

Pork shoulder braised in a garlic-vinegar sauce and sauteed with annatto oil, tomato, carrots, pineapple and potatoes; served with steamed rice.



Shrimp sauteed in an spicy tamarind sauce sprinkled with fried shallots and peanuts; served with steamed rice.


Ganache infused with thai tea, layered with crispy ginger cookie and fresh oranges.

Hot green tea to end the Cocina Sunae meal.



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